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Positive Reflections – Jessica

Positive Reflections – Jessica Jessica came along to one of my Positive Reflections courses.  The courses are designed to improve self esteem and confidence, using life coaching and photography.  We also have lots of fun. For the photoshoot,

On Route Exhibition

Arts Exhibition in Wales – Oriel y Bont Gallery For the past year I have been undertaking a Masters degree in Arts Practice (Arts, Health and Wellbeing) at the University of South Wales.  My end of year arts exhibition is now showing in Oriel

Positive Ageing

Positive Ageing This project aims to explore how older women are portrayed in the media and the impact that this has on their self esteem and body image, and also to gather views and experiences about the positive values of ageing.   The

Mother’s Day

A Special Gift for Mother’s Day This Sunday is Mother’s Day – a very special day for us mums! When was the last time that your mum had a photograph taken just of her?  Many mums are the ones behind the camera, capturing those

International Womens Day 2015

On International Womens Day, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate their achievements.  It is held on 8th March every year and has been observed since the early 1900s. The theme of this year’s

Positive Reflections Special Offer

Positive Reflections Special Offer To celebrate National Body Confidence Week, take advantage of this Positive Reflections Special Offer until the end of October 2014.  A unique combination of life coaching and photography to help you to feel good

Top Tips for Improving Body Image

Feeling good about your body is nothing to do with the size you are and everything to do with how you feel inside. As a life coach and portrait photographer, it is my job to help you to feel good about yourself inside, so you can look great outside.

Hollywood Glamour – in your own home!

Lights …… Camera …. Action! How do you fancy a bit of Hollywood glamour? How about a bit of Hollywood glamour in your own home? I’m now offering Hollywood Glamour photoshoots and I can come out to your home – with a

South Wales Dog Photographer

Dog Photography Portraits – Poppy, Bichon Frise/ Maltese Terrier As a South Wales dog photographer, I get to photograph all types of dog – big (like my Newfoundland) and small (lots of puppies get smuggled into my camera bag, before

Neath Pet Photography

Anyone who knows me, or follows me on Twitter or Facebook, will know that I love animals and have 2 dogs – Lola, my Newfoundland, and Molly, my Golden Retriever – both absolutely spoilt and loved members of our family.  They have more

Faces of Neath – Cllr. Andy Jenkins

My next nominee for the “Faces of Neath” project is Cllr. Andy Jenkins, Councillor for Neath South Ward for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council. I first “met” Andy through Twitter last year, when he was the first to

Photoshoot on Southerndown

Southerndown has been a favourite place of mine for many years, so I was very happy when my client Anni suggested that her photoshoot took place there.  It’s an excellent choice for a photoshoot as there are a variety of places to have photos

Faces of Neath – Mair Sheasby

Next up on my “Faces of Neath” portrait project is the very lovely Mair Sheasby, owner of the Roundhouse Cafe, Castle Street, Neath.  I told Mair that she’d been nominated as one of the “Faces of Neath” during the

Faces of Neath – Darren Nichols

Yesterday afternoon was spent in the company of the next in my series of the “Faces of Neath” – the inspirational Darren Nichols. Darren was nominated to be a Face of Neath because he has done so much for his local community.  He

Faces of Neath – Sarah Parsons

Welcome to the first in my series of portraits – the “Faces of Neath”.  This is a personal project which will be capturing portraits of people who live, work and visit Neath, and who help to make Neath the special place that it

The Faces of Neath

As a photographer, I like to have personal projects on the go and my latest one is to capture “The  Faces of Neath”. The idea for this project came from the Love Neath campaign, and in particular after Cllr. Andy Jenkins posted a

Guild of Photographers Awards February 2014

As a proud member of the Guild of Photographers, I enter my photographs into their Image of the Month competition every month and have them judged by a panel of expert photographers. Winners are honoured with the Guild of Photographers Awards.  Each

Photographing Children

Last month, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a workshop on photographing children, which was led by one of my very favourite photographers – Kate Hopewell-Smith.  It was organised by the Guild of Photographers and Blackthorn School of

International Women’s Day

Today, Saturday 8th March 2014, is International Womens Day – a global event which recognises and celebrates women everywhere.  It is based on political and activist values of feminism and the massive advances that we have been fortunate to

Neath Portrait and Wedding Photographer January 2014 awards

As a proud member of the Guild of Photographers, I have decided that this year I am going to enter my photographs into their Image of the Month competition and have them judged by a panel of expert photographers.  Each image entered are assessed and

Naked Beauty Workshop

Are you a counsellor, therapist or life coach? Interested in your body image and how it affects your identity? Want to explore your judgements about body image – about yourself and other people? Would you like to be able to help your clients

Positive Reflections

Positive Reflections workshops and bespoke individual sessions have been developed through my specialisms in life coaching and photography, and aim to improve self esteem and body image. Be yourself: everyone else is taken. Oscar Wilde. The

The Magic Numbers Pontardawe Arts Centre

The Magic Numbers played at Pontardawe Arts Centre this week as part of their Acoustic Tour 2013, which started on 6th September and finishes on 23rd November in Frome.  Tour dates and more details can be found on their website. Supported by

The Magic Numbers at Neath Music Shop

The Magic Numbers, a very talented indie rock band, played a secret gig at Neath Music Shop this week, and I was lucky enough to be allowed to capture the event on my camera. It was a very intimate gig – just the band and a handful of people